Stewardship Fee

Over the past 50 years, the Douglass Fund Trust has grown significantly, thanks to previous donations from living alumnae and friends; from bequests, memorial and honorary gifts from alumnae, families and friends; and from charitable gift annuities, insurance, trusts, IRAs and other deferred gifts. It has also grown through prudent investment practices, professional fund management and oversight by a committee of alumnae volunteers who are financial and investment professionals.

The AADC is entitled to a stewardship fee for its prudent stewardship of the Douglass Fund Trust. The current rate of the stewardship fee is 1.25%. The AADC has surveyed publicly available information on the stewardship/administrative fees charged to college/university endowments nationwide and found that they range from 0.90% to 2.25%. In addition to investment-related activities, the Trustees have utilized the AADC, its staff, and its resources to assist with the business functions necessary for and the proper administration of the Douglass Fund. Below is an outline of some of the numerous functions and services the AADC provides to the Douglass Fund.

· GAAP Financial Statements

· IRS Form 990

· Record-keeping

· Transaction processing

· Calculation of distributions from the Trust for student support and College priorities

· Preparation of schedules for state charitable registrations

· Meetings and other communications between the AADC and the College