The AADC served as the primary fundraiser for Douglass for decades before formalizing that role under the terms of a 2005 Memorandum of Understanding with Rutgers University and the Rutgers University Foundation.

AADC’s fundraising role for the College included annual fundraising activities as well as conducting three successful capital campaigns for the benefit of Douglass. The last capital campaign conducted by the AADC ended in December 2014.

Under a new Agreement that was signed on July 20, 2016 among the AADC and the Rutgers parties, the AADC may no longer fundraise for DRC or accept contributions to the Douglass Fund Trust (with very limited exceptions). The responsibility for raising money for Douglass Residential College was taken over by the Rutgers University Foundation and the DRC development team responsible for fundraising for the College. The money raised by Douglass or the University is managed by the University, rather than through the Douglass Fund Trust, which remains the responsibility of the AADC.

The Douglass Fund Trust still provides substantial financial support to the College and her students. Over the past 50 years, the Douglass Fund Trust has grown significantly, thanks to previous donations from living alumnae and friends; from bequests, memorial and honorary gifts from alumnae, families and friends; and from charitable gift annuities, insurance, trusts, IRAs and other deferred gifts. It has also grown through prudent investment practices, professional fund management and oversight by a committee of alumnae volunteers who are financial and investment professionals.