AADC Mabel’s Alumnae Mentoring Program

Women’s leadership. Innovative learning.

The AADC Mabel’s Alumnae Mentoring Program is designed with our vibrant alumnae in mind, providing professional development opportunities and connections across generations, distance, career levels and backgrounds. This program provides a forum for alumnae to connect, engage and grow in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, leading and developing. If you have any questions, please direct to aadcmentoringprogram@gmail.com

Whom This Program Serves

This program welcomes alumnae of all levels of career development and with diverse professional aspirations.  Mentees will be paired with Mentors who can assist them with developing and achieving professional development goals. The Chair of the Program is Kathi Love ’75.

To learn more about the impact of the program, please click on links below for our AADC Mabel’s Alumnae Mentoring Program Newsletters:

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Program Mission

There are three main objectives:
• To provide a positive professional development experience for Mentors and Mentees.
• To foster innovative learning and educational mentoring relationships among alumnae.
• To further the mission of women helping women in the context of our alumnae organization.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a two-way street paved with communication, respect, honesty and the commitment to work towards achieving mutually agreed upon goals. For the relationship to be successful, both Mentors and Mentees need to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to apply oneself. The AADC Mabel’s Alumnae Mentoring Program formally matches alumnae in mentoring relationships from September to June. Alumnae participants are encouraged to attend AADC-sponsored program workshops and AADC signature events throughout the year, including Regional Connection Group and Affinity Network events. Mentors and Mentees are welcome to continue their mentoring relationship and friendship beyond the conclusion of the mentoring year.

The Matching Process:

Here’s how this process works:
Our application process for Mentors and Mentees for our 2021-2022 program will begin soon. Links to forms will be available here once the application process begins. Typically, the deadline is during July.

The AADC Mabel’s Alumnae Mentoring Program Task Team matches each Mentee with one Mentor. Mentors may request to have up to two Mentees.

Beginning in mid-August, Mentees are first notified of a match, and must accept the match within one week. Mentors are then notified of a match and will contact their Mentees to begin establishing a mentoring relationship. During the upcoming year, Mentors and Mentees are formally matched for the span of September to June.