Amended AADC Bylaws Approved

We are pleased to announce that the proposed amended AADC bylaws have been approved by an overwhelming majority of the more than 560 votes cast by eligible voters. Therefore, the revised bylaws are in effect as of November 1, 2017. To read the new bylaws, please click on the link below.

These changes were made partly as a result of the Agreement we signed with the Rutgers parties in July, 2016, that defines our role in serving alumnae going forward. Changes were also made to clarify many governance aspects of our organization and, in fact, were in the works prior to the mediation/negotiation with the University. Our revised mission statement now accurately depicts the AADC’s primary areas of focus and will help us achieve our goal to be a best-in-class alumnae organization that is alumnae-created, alumnae-led, alumnae-driven and alumnae-supported.

We thank AADC Acting President Helen Galt ’69 and her entire Bylaws Committee for more than two years of diligent work on this initiative. Also, thanks to those of you who reviewed the new proposed Bylaws and returned your ballot. With your continued support, we will proceed FORWARD TOGETHER to an exciting future for the AADC.

The information contained in the AADC Bylaws is considered proprietary and should not be reprinted or distributed without permission of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC). 

AADC Bylaws Approved as of November 1, 2017