Membership Benefits

All alumnae automatically become members of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC) when they graduate.

Services provided by the AADC are:


  • Produce the Associate Alumnae News that is mailed to all alumnae as well as other contributors and friends. The AlumnaE-News electronic newsletter sent via e-mail to alumnae who register their e-mail address with the AADC.
  • Publish Class Notes digitally as a downloadable PDF, in the fall and spring editions.
  • Maintain the Web site and social media platforms that provide information on programs offered by the Associate Alumnae, individual class reunions, fellowships for alumnae, and much more. The AADC website also provides a mechanism for alumnae to update their address or make a gift.


  • Provide programs including Reunion, Founders Day, visiting lecturers and more that bring alumnae back to campus, keep alumnae connected to the AADC and each other. Alumnae programs afford additional opportunities for interaction between alumnae.
  • Coordinate awards programs to honor alumnae, both for service to their alumnae association and distinguished careers. Coordinate awards programs to honor alumnae and friends for their support.


  • Fund raise from alumnae and friends in support of the mission of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College.
  • Cultivate, solicit and steward gifts to the AADC Annual Appeal.


  • Provide administration of all services described above.