AADC Founders Day Celebration
Evolution of Excellence: From Our Founding into Our Future

 AADC Society for Excellence Induction Ceremony
and the
Kickoff of the 95th Anniversary of the AADC

Our AADC Founders Day Celebration was held on Saturday, April 22, 2017. The afternoon celebration included the AADC Society for Excellence Induction Ceremony, honoring the accomplishments of distinguished alumnae, and featured the 95th Anniversary of the AADC.

Thanks to all who celebrateed the 2017 AADC Society of Excellence honorees: Alice Herman ’70, Public and Not-For-Profit Executive and Philanthropist; Michele Hoffnung ’65, Professor, Researcher, Writer, Activist; and Harriet R. MacLean ’76: Educator, Published Author, Community Service.